TOP Week 2021

This scenario will be executed if COVID-19 does not influence society anymore. In that case, we would go “back to normal”. TOP should in this scenario be able to work with vaccination certificates. Another option, is the Coronacheck-application as suggested by the Dutch Minister of Health where results of recent COVID-19 tests are registered which would give TOP the ability to organize a regular TOP Week.
This scenario will be executed if TOP is allowed to test people. Access to our events will be granted to negatively tested students. Consequently, events will be organized without any measures. If research shows that quick COVID-19 tests before events does not influence the contamination rate, TOP is able to execute this scenario. However, there are some remarks within this scenario. Firstly, this is a worst-case scenario. Quick COVID-19 tests are now only effective if participants stay at the same place without leaving. In this scenario, big events are spread out in three days, all taking place at Spoorzone. The other two days will be filled with faculty programs, online activities, and activities where one should be able to keep 1.5-meter distance.
This scenario will be executed if there are too many uncertainties regarding the program of TOP Week 2021. In this scenario, one should be able to keep 1.5-meter distance. Parallelly, online activities will be organized. The capacity of Spoorzone is not that large, meaning that not all participants are able to join activities in the Spoorzone simultaneously. Therefore, activities will be split out into four shifts. Online activities will be taken into account to make sure that all students are able to participate.


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