TOP Week and TOP Winter Week are organized by the Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) Foundation, in collaboration with Tilburg University. The Foundation is run by the TOP Board, consisting of seven enthusiastic students who work one whole year to realize two awesome introduction weeks for new students in Tilburg. In March, 13 committee members come to help as well. During TOP Week itself, another 30 “Supers” (former board and committee members), around 450 mentors, and 25 TOP Crew members join the organization to realize the summer edition of TOP Week. 

More categories of information on the organization of TOP (Winter) Week are available below.

TOP Board

The TOP board is a team of seven enthusiastic students who work together for one year to organize two introduction weeks. The board year runs from October 1 to September 30. Starting in October, the board is busy organizing TOP Winter Week (February intake) and TOP Week (August intake). From March onwards, the board is supported by 13 committee members. This preparation time as well as the help of the committee members is essential to successfully organize a five-day event for more than 3,500 first-year students. A board year for the TOP Foundation is an excellent opportunity to experience what it is like to run a foundation together with six fellow students and to organize the largest student event in Tilburg!

The TOP board consists of:

Chairman: Suzanne Pluym
Vice-Chairman: Féline de Vries
Treasurer: Florentijn van de Goor
Logistics Manager: Britt Moeskops
Event Manager: Kim de Wilde
Internal Affairs: Joep Hurkmans
External Affairs: Evy van Bree

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TOP Committee

Together with the TOP board, the committee members ensure that TOP Week is a great success every year! Committee members start in March. In the period until June, they work part-time so that they can combine activities with their studies. In the months of July and August, committee members work full-time. All committee members working for the TOP Foundation are on at least two committees. This offers an interesting mix of activities and better opportunities to meet different people.

The TOP committees  are different from other board work in other associations in many ways. You apply to become part of the TOP organization, in which you work together towards a common goal, the highlight of the year: TOP Week. You help as a full-fledged member of the organization to realize the largest student event in Tilburg. The number of details that need to come together for an event this size is enormous. You will be dealing with many external parties. As a result, you will have many responsibilities and plenty of challenges! You will not only discover a lot about yourself and develop yourself as a person by working in a real organization and in demanding circumstances. You will also have the opportunity to apply in practice the knowledge and skills obtained in your studies.


Supers are former TOP board and committee members, who come and help with lots of enthusiasm during TOP Week and TOP Winter Week. They ensure that materials turn up in the right place and help the organization setting up prior to events. They also make sure that lunch is brought to the appropriate locations and that the venues are cleaned up properly afterwards. And a lot more! In addition, Supers perform the legendary TOP Dance. You can recognize Supers by their pink T-shirts. 

Supervisory Council

The TOP board is supported by the Supervisory Council, which looks at the reports and the budgets. The TOP board consults the Supervisory Council before taking action. This year’s Supervisory Council consists of the following people.

Hedvig Niehoff
Managing Director of the Marketing & Communication Division

Anja Opdebeeck
Business Operations Director, Tilburg Law School

Hans Gielen
Deputy Director of the Academic Support Division, Management, Staff and Support

Edwin Hendriks
Financial expert

Niels van de Ven
Legal expert 

Jeroen Zevenbergen
Delegate of TOP Foundation