Get ready for the most exciting event of the year – TOP Week 2024! From August 19 to August 23, new students will embark on an unforgettable journey as you kickstart your academic adventure in Tilburg!

Each year, more than 4000 students eagerly participate in TOP Week and its events, designed to help them get acquainted with the city, make new connections, and most importantly, ensure the best possible start of a students life in Tilburg! During TOP Week, participants become part of a group of approximately 20 other students. The groups are guided by TOP Mentors, these are students who are already studying in Tilburg. These mentors will make sure that the group gets to know Tilburg and everything it has to offer.

Behind the scenes, the organization is already working hard on this years edition, planning all the fun activities, so keep an eye on our social media channels for updates on when registrations open and for the full program reveal.

Do you want to know more about TOP Week? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below or feel free to contact us at

Please note: TOP Week is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment and has nothing to do with hazing.


Who can participate in TOP Week?

TOP Week is for all new bachelor, (pre-)master and exchange students who start their study at Tilburg University, Fontys or Avans in September. 

When will TOP Week take place?

TOP Week takes place from Monday August 19 to Friday August 23, 2024.

What’s on the program?

You can find the program of TOP Week here when it’s available.

Who organizes TOP (Winter) Week?

The TOP organization consists of the TOP Board and the TOP Committee members. In October the board starts with the preparations for TOP Winter Week. After TOP Winter Week, the preparations for TOP Week begin. In organizing TOP Week, the board is supported by thirteen committee members, who start in March. Click here to find more information about the organization.

What is TOP Week?

TOP Week is the introduction week for all new students who start their study at Tilburg University, Fontys or Avans in September. All new bachelor, (pre-)master and exchange students can participate. During TOP Week everything revolves around getting to know your fellow students, the city of Tilburg, and the active student life in Tilburg.

Where do I go in the event of harassment or sexual violence?

In the event of sexual violence, make sure to contact one of the following organizations:

Confidential advisor of Tilburg University:

Police: 112 for emergencies, 0900-8844 if there is no emergency

Sexual Assault Center: 0800-0188 (anonymous and free of charge)

These phone numbers are available 24 hours a day!

Do I need to take part in all components of TOP Week?

There are no obligatory components in our program; you are free to take part whenever you want. Of course, it is more fun if you take part in as many program components as possible and to see as much of Tilburg as you can!

What are the (Study) Program Introductions?

The (Study) Program Introductions are not organized by TOP, but by Tilburg University: by International Office for exchange students and by the Schools at Tilburg University for degree students. All important information about studying at Tilburg University and your curriculum will be given during the (Study) Program Introduction. Besides that, you receive information about the online study environment. Whereas participating in TOP Week is optional, the (Study) Program Introductions are obligatory for all new students.

What is TOP’s alcohol and drugs policy?

Our alcohol and drugs policy is completely in line with Dutch law. This means that alcohol cannot and will not be sold to students under the age of 18. In addition, drugs are strictly prohibited. If you are caught using drugs, you will be excluded from all events, and we will report you to the police. Should a medical, threatening situation arise due to drug use, we will call 112. You will not be arrested because the use of drugs is not an offence in the Netherlands.

Do I have to arrange a place to sleep for myself?

If you do not yet have a room in Tilburg, that is not a problem. Your mentors will make sure that you will have a place to sleep during TOP Week. Once your mentors have received your contact information and created a group chat, they will arrange the sleeping places for everyone either in the mentor’s own houses or in that of a different group member. Do you have a full bag of stuff with you on Monday morning and you still have to go to your PI/SPI? No worries. You can leave your luggage at a luggage storage room at the Tilburg University Sports Center after you have registered. You can pick up your luggage afterwards.

Registration & Payment

How can I attend TOP Week?

When the registrations are open, you can register for TOP Week 2024 through this link.

When can I register for TOP Week?

The registrations date for TOP Week 2024 will be announced soon.

What does the group division look like?

All new students who participate in TOP Week will be assigned to groups based on their study program. Students will be divided into groups of approximately 20 students. All groups will be guided by two TOP Mentors.

It is not possible to register together with a friend since group division happens at random. Besides, it is fun to get to know new people!

How much is the registration fee for TOP Week

The registration fee will be announced here and for this price you will get access to all activities that are organized during the week.

Can I attend TOP Week as a (pre)Master’s student?

Yes, you can! You will be placed in a group with fellow (pre-)Master’s students. Two TOP Mentors who are also in their (pre-)Master’s phase will guide you during TOP Week.

What are the methods of payment for registering for TOP Week?

You can pay via CreditCard of Ideal. There are no other forms of payment available.

Can i join TOP Week again as a senior student?

No, you can only attend TOP Week when you start a new program. However, every year we are looking for TOP Mentors to guide new students.


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