If possible, offline activities will be organized during TOP Winter Week. To attend these offline activities, you will need to show a COVID Certificate (QR code) in the CoronaCheck App or in an application of the country where you live/got vaccinated. This means you need a negative test result, proof of vaccination against COVID-19, or proof of recovery from COVID-19. You can download the CoronaCheck app in the App/Play Store. Scanning this QR code allows TOP to see if the participant is allowed to participate. You can get a QR code in one of the following three ways. 

Proof of vaccination

You have been fully vaccinated more than two weeks ago with an EMA-approved vaccine. If you have been vaccinated outside the European Union, make sure to check whether this vaccination is accepted according to European standards. Make sure that you have a valid QR Code in the CoronaCheck app or in an application of the country where you live/got vaccinated. An offline record without QR code is not valid. If you have been vaccinated, we would like to ask you to take a self-test before going to physical activities just to be sure. 

Proof of recovery

You can obtain proof of recovery if you tested positive for COVID-19 between 11 and 180 days ago. To generate proof of recovery from COVID-19, you need to contact the organization that conducted the test.

A negative test result

You have tested negative for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. You can schedule your test via Testing for Access. After you receive a negative test result, you can create a QR code in the CoronaCheck app or go to www.coronacheck.nl/en/. If you do not have a Dutch DigiD, please call 0800 1421 (if you are calling from abroad: +31 70 750 37 20). Click here for more information about the COVID-19 Certificate and Testing for Access.

Please note: you are responsible for scheduling a test. If your test result is older than 24 hours, access will be denied.

The current measures applying for events

The current COVID-19 measures can be found on the website of the Dutch Government. TOP is keeping a close eye on the measures and is making every effort to organize as many physical activities as possible. Below is a brief overview of the measures currently in place for events. Click here for an overview of all measures. 


  • Everyone at the event needs to show a valid QR code at the entrance
  • Everyone must be seated at a table
  • Everyone keeps 1.5 meters distance from each other
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory when moving around