TOP Week is the introduction week for all new students, who will be studying in Tilburg starting the autumn semester of the academic year. This week is organized for all (new) students, who will start their studies at Tilburg University or one of the institutes of Higher Education in Tilburg. TOP Week 2021 will take place from Monday, August 23, until Friday, August 27. TOP Week is all about getting to know your fellow students, the Netherlands, the city of Tilburg, and life as a student in Tilburg. It will help you to hit the ground running in your new student city! 

TOP Week takes place every year in the week after the Tilburg University Registration Days and before the start of the first semester. All students will be divided into groups with students, who will start a similar degree. 

During TOP Week, you will be assigned to a group of 15 to 20 students. Guided by two or three senior students (mentors), you will explore Tilburg together with your group for five days, visiting different activities and events. Every year, Tilburg is taken over by more than 4000 students actively taking part in TOP Week!

For more information read the FAQ below or contact us.

Please note that TOP Week has nothing to do with hazing!


What is TOP Week?

Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) is the introduction week for all (new) students who will start their studies at Tilburg University or one of the institutes of Higher Education in Tilburg. All international and (pre-) master students can participate during TOP Week. TOP Week is all about getting to know your fellow students, the city Tilburg and the active student life in Tilburg. That is why TOP Week will help you to get the best start of your student life!

Who can participate in TOP Week?

All (new) students who will start their studies at Tilburg University or one of the institutes of Higher Education in Tilburg can participate in TOP Week.

When will TOP Week take place?

The introduction week takes place every year in the week before the new academic year starts. In 2021, TOP Week will take place from Monday, August 23th until Friday, August 27th.

What’s on the program?

During TOP Week, you will be introduced to all kind of aspects that Tilburg offers to students. The overall aim is to get to know your fellow students. Besides that, you get to know the city and you discover the active student life in Tilburg. 

The program consists of informative as well as social activities. During the week, Program Introductions (PI’s) will be organized. The PI’s are organized by the Schools and the International Office at Tilburg University (not organized by TOP) and will give important information about your study program. In the afternoons and evenings, TOP activities will take place. These activities are a combination of information about the city of Tilburg, the student life in Tilburg and getting to know your fellow students. You will for instance learn more about study, sport and student associations. During TOP Week you will learn that there are multiple ways to build an active student life. Not only associations will get a spotlight, but the hotspots and coziness of Tilburg as well. 

The program will be announced as soon as possible. When announced, it can be found under the tab Program on the left-hand side.

What are the Program Introductions?

The Program Introductions (PI) are taken care of by the Schools and the International Office at Tilburg University. All important information about studying at Tilburg University and your study curriculum will be given during the PI. Besides that, you receive information about the digital study environment. Whereas participating in TOP Week is voluntary, the PI’s are obligatory for all new students that study at Tilburg University. The PI’s are incorporated in TOP Week, but are not organized by TOP, but by the university.

Do I need to take part in all components of TOP Week?

There are no obligatory components, you are free to take part whenever you want. Of course, it is more fun if you take part in as many components as possible and to see as much as you can! Do not forget, however, that the Program Introductions who are organized by Tilburg University are obligatory for all students. Although it is integrated into TOP Week, it is not part of the TOP Week program.

Who organizes TOP Week?

TOP Week is organized by the Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) foundation. The foundation consists of seven enthusiastic board members who work hard throughout the year to realize an awesome introduction week for new students in Tilburg. In March, 13 committee members will join the TOP board to support them in order to make TOP Week a success again. If you want more information, have a look at the ‘Organization’ tab.


Can TOP Week take place this year, considering the coronavirus?

Yes! TOP Week 2021 will definitely take place. We will take all measures by the Dutch government into account when organizing TOP Week.

Will offline (physical) events be organised?

At this moment, it is not yet known whether offline events can take place in August. We are keeping a close eye on all developments regarding the coronavirus. Of course, there is a plan in which we can upscale from online to offline events. However, these offline events can only take place when allowed and safe.

What kind of offline events will be organized, if allowed and safe?

It is too early to make any claims about what these events will look like. In order to decide whether it is safe to organize offline events, the TOP organization is keeping a close eye on all developments regarding the coronavirus, and the measures are taken to prevent spreading.

Does TOP Week take all measures into account?

Yes, TOP Week takes all Dutch measures very seriously. TOP is in close contact with Tilburg municipality, as well as Tilburg University to be able to make sure that everything takes place accordingly.

What are the Dutch measures against the coronavirus?

For a complete overview of all Dutch measures, please visit the website of the Rijksoverheid:

Registration & Payment

How do I join TOP Week?

To be able to join TOP Week, you will have to register on the TOP website.

Currently, the registrations are not open yet!

I registered for TOP Week, but I am not able to participate after all. What do I do?

If you decide not to participate in TOP Week after you have registered, you are obliged to cancel your registration.

When can I register for TOP Week?

Information about the opening of the registrations will follow soon.

What does the group division look like?

All new students who participate in TOP Week will be assigned to groups based on their study program. Exchange students will be divided into groups of approximately 17 students together with other exchange students. All groups will be guided by two or more enthusiastic senior students (mentors)!

It is not possible to register yourself together with a friend, since group division happens at random. Besides, it is important to get to know new people!

Is it possible to join TOP Week as a (pre-)master student?

Yes, it is. All (new) students who will start their studies at Tilburg University or one of the institutes of Higher Education in Tilburg are allowed to join TOP Week.

Can I join TOP Week again as a senior student?

No, you can only join TOP Week when starting a new study program at Tilburg University, or one of the Institutes of Higher Education. However, every year we are looking for mentors who can show new students their way around Tilburg and its student life. Would you like to experience TOP Week again? Please register as a mentor next year!

What are the methods of payment for registering for TOP Week?

You can pay via CreditCard of Ideal. There are no other forms of payment available. You can pay once the registrations are open.

TOP mentors

What is a TOP Mentor?

TOP mentors are the senior students that will guide the new students during TOP Week. Together with your fellow mentor you will be the point of contact for the new students that you will guide. Mentors will show the city, Tilburg University and will share their student experiences with the new students.

How do I get to be a mentor?

In March the mentor registration for TOP Week 2021 will be open. You can apply together with a friend to become a mentor couple. Next to that, you can apply on your own because you will be matched with someone else who also has registered alone. We prefer mentor couples who are following the same study.

I want to become mentor, but I don’t study in TIlburg. Is this possible?

No, unfortunately you can’t become a mentor if you don’t study in Tilburg.

When are the Preparation Days for mentors scheduled?

During the preparation days for mentors, you will receive all important information about TOP Week. You will also get to know other mentors and you will be prepared to guide a group.

I would like to become a mentor, but I don’t live in Tilburg. Is this possible?

Yes, you can still become a mentor. But you and your co-mentor will need to be able to provide enough places to stay for your group members.

I am a student at Fontys, or Avans Hogeschool. Can I become a mentor as well?

Yes, you can! All students who study at Tilburg University, Fontys Hogeschool, or Avans Hogeschool can become a TOP mentor.

Are mentors expected to provide sleeping accomodation for students during TOP Week?

Due to the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 we are not able to answer this question yet.


On our contact page, you can find our details.