Every year foundation TOP organizes two introduction weeks: TOP Winter Week in January and TOP Week in August. Below you will find more information about TOP Week. TOP Week is the introduction week for all new students who will be studying at Tilburg University starting the fall semester of the academic year. TOP Week 2020 will take place from Monday, August 24, to Friday, August 28. TOP Week is all about getting to know your fellow students, the Netherlands and the city of Tilburg, and life as a student in Tilburg. It will help you to hit the ground running in your new student city!

Do you want to start your life as a student in Tilburg in the best possible way? Register for TOP Week in June!

TOP Week is known as the largest student event in Tilburg and has become a true concept in the past 39 years. This introduction week takes place every year in the week before the new academic year starts. TOP Week will take place on Monday from August 24 to Friday August 28. During TOP Week you will be divided into a group of approximately 17 students based on your studies. Under the guidance of two senior students (mentors), you and your group will set off for five days, visiting various activities and events. Every year Tilburg is turned upside down by more than 4,000 students who actively participate in TOP Week.

For more information read the FAQ below or contact us.

Please note that TOP Week has nothing to do with hazing!


TOP Week 2020 will take place from Monday, August 17, to Friday, August 21. During TOP Week, you will be introduced to all kinds of things that Tilburg has to offer to students. You participate in all kinds of activities with your group. Since the overall aim is to get to know your fellow students and to discover Tilburg and its vibrant student life, you will be visiting all activities together. The activities are varied. For instance, you will discover Tilburg by means of the Pub Crawl and a Night at the Museum, you will be introduced to the various study, sports, and student associations during the afternoon programs, and the famous TOP cantus. 

A bicycle 

The activities during the week take place all over Tilburg. As you will be cycling from one activity to the next, you really need a bike. During the Registration Day at the Tilburg University campus, it will be possible to buy or rent a bicycle. Fo


After we have received your payment, you will receive confirmation of your registration by e-mail. This e-mail contains a link to your e-ticket. You can also download an e-ticket via your TOP account. Your e-ticket is your proof of registration, so make sure you print it and bring it to the Registration on Tuesday, January 21.

Please note: If you have made any changes to your registration, the barcode will have changed as a result and you will have to make a print-out of your new e-ticket.

Passport/ID card

To be able to register for TOP Winter Week, you will not only need your e-ticket but also your passport or ID card. We need to check your age in connection with the Dutch legal drinking age, which is set at 18 years.

Bank card/cash

During the week, you have to pay for your own drinks. At several activities, you can pay for them with TOP tokens, which you can buy at several locations during the week. During other activities, you will have to pay cash or by card for your own drinks. Please note that credit cards are not always accepted. Make sure you bring enough cash.


Remember to bring warm clothes as well, especially for the ice skating activity. Bring a cap, shawl, and gloves.

With a population of over 211,000, Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. There are over 29,000 students in Tilburg, so the student way of life has an important impact on what happens in Tilburg. The city has something for everyone: a thriving café and restaurant culture, sports, art films, world-class pop music at pop music venue 013, classical music at the Tilburg Concert Hall and great contemporary art at the De Pont Museum. Combined with numerous festivals, exhibitions, and conferences, you will look forward to an exciting and stimulating time as a student in Tilburg.

The city of Tilburg is also conveniently located. Getting around in the Netherlands is easy as the public transportation system is excellent. It is just a short train ride to cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam, and European capitals like Brussels, Paris, and London are also within easy reach. Would you like to register straight away? Please click here. For more information contact us.

Tilburg University organizes a Registration Day for international students. You will be welcomed by Tilburg University staff in Academia Building (A Building) and receive useful information about studying at Tilburg University. Registration Days are organized to give you enough time to arrange several practical matters such as finding accommodation, opening a bank account, and buying a bike. The Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) strongly recommends that you come to the Registration Day, especially if you will be participating in TOP Winter Week. For more information, please go to the Tilburg University website.

TOP Week is the introduction week for all new students, both exchange and degree-seeking students, who will be studying at Tilburg University. TOP Week is the best possible start of your new adventure in Tilburg!

TOP Week and TOP Winter Week are organized by the Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) Foundation, in collaboration with Tilburg University. The Foundation is run by the TOP Board, consisting of seven enthusiastic students who work hard throughout the year to realize an awesome introduction week for new students in Tilburg. In March, they are joined by 13 commission members, and together they take care of all the preparations necessary to make the introduction week a success.

You are free to take part and free not to take part. There are no obligatory components. Of course, it is more fun if you take part in as many components as possible and to see as much as you can! Do not forget, however, that the Program Introduction organized by Tilburg University is obligatory for all students. Although it is integrated into TOP Week, it is not part of the TOP Week program per se.

You will get to know your fellow students while discovering Tilburg and its vibrant student life. All students will be divided into groups with students of their own study program, with students from all over the world. Guided by two mentors, you will get to know Tilburg and everything it has to offer.

The Program Introduction (PI) is taken care of by the Schools and the International Office of Tilburg University. It is incorporated in TOP Week, but it is not organized by TOP itself. The Program Introduction is obligatory for all new students, also for those not taking part in TOP Week. If you have any further questions about the Program Introduction, we refer you to the Tilburg University website.

Registration & Payment

Alexis’s experience: 

Tilburg was definitely one of the best experiences of my life! I would say that TOP Winter Week was the best way to start my exchange because I got to meet my fellow students in a perfect context, while partying and by doing typical Dutch activities and experiences. I even met my girlfriend on the first night of TOP Winter Week, so of course for me this week was wonderful and I will remember it forever! The Winter Cantus was when I really fell in love with the Dutch culture and their ways to party. The organization was perfect, I will forever be thankful for all those great experiences I got to live last winter in Europe, in Tilburg and for sure during TOP Winter Week. TOP Winter Week is the perfect way to connect with people and acclimatizing to this new life in the Netherlands. I would definitely recommend every exchange student to participate in TOP Winter Week! 

To participate in TOP Week, you need to register via the website. More information will follow. 

Students who participate in TOP Week will be divided into groups of approximately 20 students. As a new student, you will be assigned to a group with other exchange students or other degree-seeking students, depending on your study program. We aim for a good mix as regards gender and nationality. All groups will be guided by two or more senior students (mentors) of the International and Exchange Student Network (I*ESN). These mentors accompany the group during the entire week to all TOP Week activities and will answer any questions you may have.

Food is included in the TOP Week registration fee. You have to take care of breakfast and lunch yourself. Drinks are for your own account, too.

If you have an allergy, please state this when you register (under ‘allergies’), to enable us to see whether we can make the necessary arrangements. It is very useful for us to know whether you are allergic to nuts or gluten. In addition, you can indicate whether you are a vegetarian, eat halal or kosher. If you have multiple allergies, please contact us at (+31) (0)13 466 28 49 or send an e-mail to topregistration@tilburguniversity.edu. Have you registered already and forgot to mention your allergy? Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can try to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible!

To participate in TOP Week, you need to register via the website. Registration costs are € 75. This not only gives you access to all TOP Week activities. but also includes three lunches and five dinners, as well as a TOP bag with all kinds of coupons/gadgets. Please note: Breakfast is not provided during TOP Week.

To participate in TOP Week, you need to register via the website. Registration is open from May.

If you have registered for TOP Week 2020 but decide not to participate, you need to cancel your registration.

Please send an e-mail to top@tilburguniversity.edu if you cannot attend one of the Registration Days on August 13 or 14, or the TOP Registration on Monday, August 17. If you register for TOP Week on our website before August 10, you can still attend the introduction week after the registration moment. In that case, you will need to pick up your wristband at TOP headquarters, located in the so-called Koepelhal at the Spoorzone. You will need to send an e-mail beforehand to
topregistratie@tilburguniversity.edu, to let us know when you will be coming to pick up your wristband. Do not forget to bring your e-ticket and valid ID.


If you do not found a place to sleep in Tilburg yet, your mentors will arrange a place to sleep for you during TOP Week. This can either be at one of your mentor's homes, or at another student's home who is also in your group. This means you do not have to pay for accommodation during TOP Week. However, you will have to bring your own sleeping gear.

Alcohol & Drugs Policy

Our alcohol and drugs policy is completely in line with Dutch law. This means that alcohol will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Drugs are strictly prohibited. If you are caught using or carrying drugs, you will be excluded from all of our events and the police will be informed if you are carrying or selling drugs.

TOP Goes Green 

Stichting TOP aims to be as sustainable as possible during the introduction week and during the preparations of TOP Week. TOP tries to create awareness within the organization on how to be considerate of the environment and to be as sustainable as possible. TOP is contributing to a healthy environment in the following ways:

  • As compared to last year TOP has reduced printed pages by almost one million. We achieved this by printing less program booklets and getting rid of other printed booklets in the TOP goodie bag;
  • The amount of waste is reduced by making big lunch/diner crates instead of separately packed lunches/diners for everyone during TOP Week;
  • All leftover food goes to the food bank: Pater Poels;
  • We stimulate students to ride their bikes to every event during TOP Week. Together with Swapfiets we give students without a bike the possibility to rent one;
  • TOP crew t-shirts are printed without a date on them which makes them reusable for next year;
  • TOP primarily works together with companies from direct surroundings to stimulate the local economy;
  • Everyone rides their bike to the office;
  • Every committee and board member brings their own mug to the office.

TOP also tries to make their participants more aware of the environment. What can you as a participant do to be more sustainable? A few suggestions are:

  • Bring your own reusable water bottle which you can fill at several water points throughout TOP Week;
  • Download the TOP application where you can find all the information you need, this will replace the printed program booklets;
  • Pick up your own garbage and throw it in the bins, try to stimulate your group members to do the same;
  • Try to produce as little waste as possible by only opening new packets when other packets are empty and take leftover food home;
  • Use your bike to go to every event during TOP Week.

TOP Mentor

No, they cannot, unless they are starting on a new program. However, ever year we are looking for mentors that can show new students around and introduce them to student life in Tilburg. So as a senior student, you can take part once again, but this time as a mentor! Registration for mentor has already been closed. 

Registration is already closed. 

The TOP Mentor Preparation days are on Friday, July 24, and Friday, July 31. Attendance at one of these two days is obligatory. Mentors and substitute mentors will receive an e-mail from topmentoren@uvt.nl, specifying the date of the Preparation Day they are expected to attend.