1. Obey the instructions given by the TOP organization and security.
  2. Entry to events will only be given to participants visibly wearing the TOP wristband and age wristband provided by the organization.
  3. The organization/security has the right to refuse access to TOP events.
  4. If you are refused access to one of the TOP events, regardless of the reason, you have no right to a refund of any fees.
  5. You may be searched prior to and during events. Those who do not submit to this may be denied entry. When you refuse to be searched and/or have your bag checked, the TOP organization and/or security will deny you to access to the event.
  6. Entering the location of the TOP events is at your own risk.
  7. If you injure people and/or damage buildings and equipment, you will be liable to any damages. The organization and/or its employees cannot be held accountable for any injuries and/or damage.
  8. You are obliged to carry a valid ID card/passport at all times.
  9. TOP has a zero-tolerance alcohol policy: No alcohol < 18 years old
  10. TOP has a zero-tolerance drug policy. It is not allowed to use or carry drugs. Entry will be refused if there is a suspicion of any drug use. Your TOP Wristband may be taken away if you break any of these rules.
  11. Smoking inside is not permitted. This is only allowed in the open air and outside the Tilburg University Campus. Visitors who do not comply will be addressed by the TOP Organization and risk being removed from the event.
  12. You are not allowed to enter locations for which you are not authorized.
  13. No alcohol will be served to people who misbehave or are unduly intoxicated.
  14. It is prohibited to bring the following to event sites: drugs, (alcoholic) beverages, food, deodorant, perfume, glassware, cans, fireworks, plastic bottles, fire arms and other weapons or dangerous objects. Anyone carrying legally prohibited items such as fireworks or weapons will be handed over to the police.
  15. During the introduction week, footage of the events is made.
  16. Show respect to other participants, the organization, the environment, and local residents.
  17. In case of not complying to the rules above, the organization is forced to take measures.